Paint Guide

A Few Things You Should Consider Before Starting a Project.

The majority of homes that are being painted are occupied and furnished. Please consider moving fragile and valuable objects. Our team can move heavier furniture or items you cannot move on your own. We ask that you let us know beforehand, your preferences for covering/protecting the area to be worked on. We also ask that you consider which Bathroom and utility sink the team will be able to use during work. The task of painting, repairing, and improving your Home or Office is not a simple or quick one. It requires time, and the knowledge of correct skills and tools.

Selecting your Paint.

Please note that we have accounts with the following vendors: Duron, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. We will be happy to work with you on choosing the manufacturer and color(s) to meet your needs. We can also offer you up to 60% off of certain materials and brands by using our accounts. To get you started, we have provided links to sample color charts for some of the major brands of paints.

Color Tools

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